Things you want to know about boxer shorts and how to style them!

Mens Boxer Shorts

We all want to style in comfort and what's more comfortable than Boxers. Yes, we know about boxers and have used them but do you know some amazing things about them? So, here are some things that you would like about boxers for men.

Do you know how hot men look with these boxer shorts on? Whether it is going to a swim or having a few drinks by the pool, these are gonna be your favorite pair of shorts. These amazing little things are your only gateway in those summer days. Flexible to wear and will give you a cooling effect to survive the summer. The grommets in the rear of the trunk allow air to pass and have comfortable wear without those summer rashes.

Grey Santa Printed Boxers Combo

Boxers come with an elasticized waistband which is comfortable to wear and looks good. But have you checked the elasticated drawstring waistband? It’s cool and looks amazing too. These boxers are easy to wear everywhere especially swimming. There are different lengths of boxers men which you can choose from to wear to your pool party. 

Boxers are easy to wash and are quick to dry. The outer shell is made of quick-dry-cotton and interiors are made with poplin nylon that dries fast and is comfortable to wear. They also come with pockets, i.e. Rear pockets and two front pockets that are angle cut for easy access. Don’t have to worry about where to keep your important things. Most boxers have a fly in front. There are different design methods of closing the fly, some have a button, some a chain, and some have an overlap so that the opening is not seen and this type of boxer is known as open fly design.

Black Navy Lining Navy Printed Funky Boxers Combo

Do you know nowadays boxers come with a different variety of print? Check out some funny printed boxers on Amogue websites. You will get any color boxer today in the market with any print you want. The most worn are the pastel ones as they are in trend nowadays. Traditional patterns on the boxers include geometric figures that are repeated, plauds, and vertical stripes. 

Boxer shorts are prepared with various fabrics including cotton, polyester, satin, silk, etc. Depending upon your occasion you can put up these shorts. 

Put these shorts with an open button white shirt and a white cap to your pool party or on a visit to the ocean. Put on mid-length boxer shorts with a shirt, sports shoes, and a pair of sunglasses to look cool and a fashion icon. If you are looking for what to wear to the beach, then nothing is better than printed boxer shorts and shirts, as summer is all about colorful outfits.

Green & Black Boxers Combo

If you are looking for a more stylish look for your boat party, then you can go for denim jackets and one color boxer shorts as it will give you a party as well as a casual look.  And lastly, the hottest look on a beach or pool party is going topless and your favorite boxer short with of course your pair of sunglasses to enhance the look.

So, it was just a brief of men’s boxer shorts. Have a look at the amazing collection at different Men's clothing styles like Men Suits, Nehru Jackets, Wedding Collection, Blazers, Kurta Shirts, etc. only at  Amogue.


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