Find The Perfect Tuxedo For Your Wedding

Perfect Tuxedo For Wedding

Perfect Tuxedo For Wedding

A wedding is supposed to be one of the magical days of a person’s life. After all the hassles and big decisions come finally the day you will be getting married. But what about the clothes? The clothes that you will be wearing can either make or break your day. Often the main focus on what one will be wearing for the wedding is on the bride or the bridesmaids. But what about the groom? Out of all the other options like sherwani, kurta, etc., if your eyes are set on tuxedos, you are in the right place.  Let’s move out of the mainstream for once and look at the fantastic and mind-blowing options that lie ahead for the groom as well. The groom is supposed to look perfect for THE BIG DAY. Out of the thousands of options, tuxedos are one of the most sought after options for a great reception or party. Let’s check out what are the best tuxedos for men, shall we?


Men Wearing Nave Blue Tuxedo

The various styles of men’s tuxedo lapels for a party can be the following:-

  • Notch
  • Peak
  • Shawl

The Notch lapel can be seen on most of the suits today. A small “notch” can be seen cut out on the top of the lapel of the suit. Approximately 60% of the tuxedos and suits that are rented for weddings or parties are notch lapels.

The Peak style is an older one but is gaining its momentum of use in recent days for sure. In this case, the lapels are pointy and the peak at the top.

The Shawl style is more of a formal one. There are no cutouts on the lapels but only a rounded edge up and down the entire lapel.


Different Shades of Tuxedos

Basic Black Tuxedos:

Black Tuxedo For Men

Black is timeless and evergreen. Although for some people black is a colour reserved for only a few occasions, it’s completely your call as to what colour you want to wear. You can never go wrong with it. Moreover black goes with everything and if you are not really sure you can always mix and match and find some colors that will complement your black tuxedo for a wedding.

Blue Tuxedo:

Blue Tuxedo For Men

Blue is the perfect choice when you want to go for both traditional and versatile. It is mostly chosen by people when they look for something ecstatic and sophisticated. It is a good match for people who want to have fun and also be a part of the traditions and rituals. There are different shades of blue like cobalt blue, navy blue, midnight blue, and many more as such. Go ahead with blue if you want something that matches your criteria list and also with a pop of fun! 

Whether you want to purchase or rent is completely your choice but if you are on a budget and also as Indians as we always look for “jugaad” renting is the way to go.

With the numerous amount of food, fun, music, and dance let’s make your day the best one. Go ahead and make your choices about the tuxedos that you want to impress your bride with. Have fun!


Accessories To Go With The Tux:

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to accessorise your tux with the best accessories possible. Some of the ways to spruce them up are:

Dress Shirts:

Shirts for tuxedos are available in every colour that you want starting from plain fronts to a range of pop of colours. Before going for the dress shirts, be sure to know your choices so that you can make an informed decision. Remember it is your big day!!


Vests, also known as waistcoats, can change your tux into a colorful pattern. The vests can make your ensemble more appealing and creative.


Cummerbunds cover the waist-worn with a single-breasted jacket. You can completely opt for a cummerbund but typically men don’t wear a cummerbund with long ties.


Suspenders help you to dance the night away by keeping your pants firmly in place. We as Indians definitely need that, don’t we??


The type and colour of the belt really depend on the tux that you choose to wear. But always keep in mind to match your shoes with your belt and you will be good to go.

Pocket Squares:

A pocket square is a handkerchief tucked into a suit jacket pocket. This can add a completely different charm to your attire with heads turning. The different colours that they are available in are outstanding and you can go for a contrasting effect as well.


They are like jewellery for your tux. The Cufflinks are a great way to go as creative as you want.


A typical tie or a bow tie is just the way to go for events. Choose the colour wisely and have fun!


Socks are not that visible but what if it decides to peek out maybe in the middle and you go completely embarrassed by the color that you have worn. You definitely don’t want that, do you? So remember to be very specific and careful about every detail as much as possible.

Hope this has helped you to choose the tuxedo that will make your day. Be sure to make everything as beautiful as possible so this stays with you through your lifetime. Enjoy and have fun!!


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