5 Jodhpuri Suit Styles for the Modern Indian Men

Printed Classic Jodhpuri Suit For Men

Jodhpuri Suit For Men

It will be wrong to say that only women rule the fashion industry as Men in Indian suits can put the stage on fire. Yes, we are talking about the Jodhpuri suits for Men. Do you know that it is also known as a prince suit? 

The western pattern and the Indian hand-embroidery work together makes it the best choice for men to wear on many occasions. Let's see which style suits you better.

  • Classic Black Jodhpuri SuitsWe all know that black makes us look classic, so wear these black jodhpuri suits to your next event. These suits will give you a classy as well as a royal look. Wear it with a Khakhi color pant, golden cuff links, and a pocket square.
    • Floral Jodhpuri Suits: If you have heard that only ladies can wear floral prints, then look at these floral Jodhpuri suits. It is perfect for your wedding look. Wear it with a plain white or black pant or any one colour trousers with the same colour pocket square.
    • Designer Jodhpuri suits: Ready to be the Groom? There is nothing that is gonna sparkle you more than these designer made jodhpuri suits. Stich it as you want. The color, the style, and the pattern on the suits. These wedding jodhpuri suits are gonna make you fall in love with the suit.
    • Velvet material Jodhpuri suits: Velvet material suits are gonna make you love them. They are so comfortable to wear and the colours pop out really beautifully in them. They are best for any occasion, formal or family functions.
    • White Jodhpuri Suits: White is such an elegant color and wearing it at a party will make you look classic. Wear it to a day event and it is gonna make you the spotlight of the party. Indian Jodhpuri suits come in a variety of colours and styles but wanna make your look a classy one then put these white suit with a white colour trouser.


    These are only some of the styles of Jodhpuri suits, there is a lot you can explore. Check the latest designer jodhpuri suits at Amogue and buy them to make your wardrobe fashionable. 


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